On Trump
“The only thing that I would agree with is making America great again. But I don’t think he is the man to do that. Greatness for us is being more accepting and appreciative of our diversity as a nation. To be great we have to be united. In a way, it’s kind of ass-backwards because suppressing the voices of people who think negatively about diversity disenfranchises them to a degree, but it allows those who actually appreciate diversity to come out and build. But I think it’s worth it.”

On Austin
“Surprisingly, moving to Austin from Jacksonville wasn’t much of adjustment. I had never been to a city in Texas for an extended amount of time but I heard about Austin aka ‘the Silicon Hills’. A lot of tech and startups and stuff like that are here, so I decided, hell I can go there with my camera and design knowledge and see where it goes. It worked out for me. It’s not that big of a city so once you start working and going to stuff, you start running into everyone all the time. I like that.”
from Jacksonville, FL
Lives in Austin, TX

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