I had the pleasure of working with the Golden State Warriors for their upcoming Fan Night on April 7th. For the last home game of the year, every NBA team dedicates the night to their fans. My goal was to bring stories from here and mix it with the joy of fandom and create work that honors not just the 19,596 fans in Oracle but is relatable to Warriors fans across the bay from Oakland to San Jose. Here are some of the stories of fans in Oakland.
Shakira S.
"Thank you for making my childhood reality come true. Never in my life did I think that the Warriors would ever win a championship and you guys have done it twice! I just want to keep this momentum going."
On the team
"I feel like on the Warriors, "there's no this is my team attitude." It's our team. And I feel like that's how you win games. That's how the sport should be. The starters are great, the bench is great, it's clear that they genuinely like each other. There's no ego, there's not one man riding the team. It's everyone."

On becoming champions
"Some people said I'm a bandwagon fan. I get it, but I don't care. I wanted to be a Warrior fan for so long, but they just didn't have a good team. They had good players, but no full team. When we finally won, I was like yes, finally! The parade after they won was my best Warrior fan moment ever. I drove from L.A. because I just couldn't miss it."

On being a fan
"We, Bay Area natives, are resilient. We don't take no for an answer. We believe in community, we believe in team work, and that's how we achieve goals, that's how we achieve greatness, with teamwork. We don't give up, even after years of defeat. When we finally broke through, it made all of this worthwhile."
Arielle V.
"People made fun of the Warriors for years and I was still a fan. So for that championship to happen and for me to be alive to see it, meant the world to me and the Bay."
On family
"I've been a fan since birth, and I have passed that fanhood on to my children. I am so thankful that we have a joyful, winning, passionate team, and I can't wait to see what's coming up in the next few years."

On Warriors
"I just hope that the team understands, that they mean a great deal to this area and their hard work and dedication is such a positive reflection on the community."

On Oracle Arena
"I can't really describe it, it's just a special place. When I get there, I am giddy. When Steph goes up and he has that set shot about to release, you can hear the crowd go, "Oh," you can hear the hum of the crowd and then if he makes it, they just lose their minds."

On the bay
"A lot of times we've been doubted. “Who cares about The Bay Area? It's all about SoCal or New York, or somewhere else.” For us, The Warriors represent, a true awakening to realize how great The Bay is."
Jonathan H.
"We drink champagne when we thirsty. In Oakland it's what we're drinking right now because we are champions."
On Oakland
"Oakland is a sports-minded town. All the teams here have the same kind of fan base. Blue collar, white collar - you're an Oakland team, we support you."

On Oracle
The Oracle Arena, even if you walk inside with earplugs, you could still hear us. The yelling, the cheering never stops. Over the years we had big moments when guys would come out there and make a great play, and we go crazy. Now we have great players all the time making great plays, and it's another level. We really try to be the sixth man. No matter what an opposing players says, when you come into the Oracle, that noise is inescapable. It'll get to you." 

On the Warriors
"After years of not winning, this team has overcome. And it's so sweet. In 1975, I sat in the fourth row, for $10, as the Warriors won the championship. Since then we have had great players and great moments but not a great team. Now we are here. We are the new Bulls and I couldn't be prouder.  The thing about a Warrior fan is that we are a fan whether we win or lose. We like our team. Our team gets our support."

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